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Akasaka in Livonia and Matsuchan in Canton

09.07.07 | technician | In restaurant, livonia, japanese, restaurant review, canton

Michigan is blessed to have the largest concentration of Japanese people in the Midwest and with that, as many good Japanese restaurants. Detroiters and southeast Michiganders have their favorite Japanese restaurant whether it’s Musashi in Southfield, Cherry Blossom in Novi, or Yotsuba in Ann Arbor. Still, one of the best in the area is Akasaka in Livonia located in a strip mall on 6 Mile Rd along with Koyama Shoten and an old Japanese bookstore whose owner died not long ago. You’ll actually find a few different ethnic flavors in this strip mall including a new Indian restaurant, Haandi Cuisine of India. Despite being located in a suburban strip mall inside you’ll find a traditionally decorated Japanese restaurant with tatami rooms and a sushi bar. The people who work there are either Japanese or speak Japanese, including the woman who appears South American but speaks very fluent Japanese. The sushi here is great but so is just about everything else on the menu, like the yakitori, the tempura, and the agedashi-dofu, although noodle connoisseurs may find the ramen not up to their standards. I find them to be just fine.

Akasaka is the choice for Japanese if you’re not on the far east side or north of 696 or west of 23 but just hanging out somewhere in western Wayne County. The other choice, especially if you’re a noodle connoisseur, is Matsuchan in Canton, a restaurant dedicated to ramen noodles. They have a web site where they tell you:

Ramen restaurants are the most popular restaurants in Japan; And for good reasons: they serve good tasting and nutritious food at lower prices. Here, in the heart of the American midwest is Matsuchan: a geniune Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen with authentic Japanese taste. Matsuchan is a favorite with Japanese people visiting America and with Americans who desire Japanese ramen with ‘Real Taste’.

Matsuchan is a Japanese ramen noodle restaurant with traditional dishes that taste just like you’re in Japan! Matsuchan’s food is not ‘Americanized’ ramen noodles — not ‘instant’ ramen noodles but Matsuchan’s food is REAL Japanese ramen noodles just like you would eat in Japan today!

The food is indeed good and very popular with Japanese families and it’s not expensive. They serve not just noodles but all sorts of regular family dinner-type meals including Japanese curry. It’s a little bit out of the way if you live in Macomb County but it’s really worth driving from all over the Midwest to eat a good bowl of real Japanese ramen.

Akasaka: 37152 6 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 734-462-2630
Matsuchan: 5990 Sheldon Road, Canton, MI 734-459-1770

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« Detroit News Roundup for Thursday September 6, 2007
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