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Michigan on Cash and Treasures on the Travel Channel

Have you seen that Cash and Treasures show on the Travel Channel? A few times now they have featured locations in Michigan. For example they have one show where they hunt for Morel mushrooms in the Lower Peninsula. What are Morel mushrooms? Also known as Morcella they are a delicacy especially in French cuisine and are worth a lot of money if you can find a buyer or they are just tasty to eat yourself. They took them up on the show and apparently they are also called Land Fish because they taste kind of like fish. They especially grow two to three years after a forest fire so the next two years might be good mushroom hunting in the UP. You have to do some research to properly identify them and also to be able to tell them apart from the false morel which is poisonous.

Morel mushrooms can be found in Metro Detroit but usually in the spring. Here’s a forum for mushroom hunters in lower Michigan.

And here’s the Morel Mushroom Festival site where you can go and sell your mushrooms for serious cash. All this activity takes place around Boyne City.

Here’s a clip from the show:

In another episode the host Kirsten Gum goes to the Caledonia Native Copper Mine of Lake Superior near Ontonagon, MI in the Upper Peninsula. All over this country and all over the world thieves are stealing copper from any source they can whether it be in copper wiring and piping in buildings or old junk that contains a lot of the now precious metal. Why? The price of copper and many other metals has risen sharply in the past few years. It supposedly costs more to make a penny than the penny is worth due to the cost of copper. But you can still go and mine some of your own right here Michigan at the Caledonia Native Coppermine where glaciers deposited tons of copper thousands of years ago. And the Keweenaw Peninsula are known as Copper Country and the Caledonia Native Copper Mine is known as the best place to find crystallized native copper.

If you go to this mine you pay an admission price of $50 or so and then they give you a huge pile of rock from down the mine and you can take all the copper you find in that pile. On the show Kirsten walked away with some huge chunks that she turned into several hundred dollars. Looking for some fast cash?

And in another episode that I haven’t seen yet (supposed to air again January 1) they go hunting for agates in the U.P. According to Da Yooper, “Lake Superior Agates are found along the South Shores of Lake Superior, in the ridges of the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale here in Michigan. Best hunting is right after a storm or ice out in the spring. There are many types of Agate found throughout the world, but Lake Superior Agates are by far, both the oldest and the most beautiful.” You can take a course on agateering as it is known in Copper Harbor for agate diving.

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